Like a Mighty Army

This one is worth several days of reading, especially when I’m working on grading and other end of the semester things. Like a Mighty Army is the 7th book in David Weber’s Safehold series. It’s a science fiction work set in a relatively unmodern refuge for the remants of humanity who escaped alien induced extinction. Which allows for a blend of high tech but also relatively low tech. In that sense, it often reminds me of aspects of the 1632 universe where you often learn details  about old-style manufacturing and weaponry along the way. It’s a sprawling story, covering an entire world, with various plot lines and characters. So much so that it includes a 60 page or so cast of characters to help you sort them out. You either have to be obsessive about details or just let the flow of the story move along and hope you’ll be able to place the characters and geography sufficiently to follow. The other distinctive note is the continued religious dimension of the story. I believe Weber is Methodist; the story line self-consciously draws on Reformation style motifs throughout and religion is as a big of a factor as many other standard parts of the story. Don’t start with this one if you are interested, go back to the beginning and take your time. It will be a long ride. I’ve enjoyed it so far – but beware that more are coming (I recall once reading Weber was thinking of perhaps 12 total in the series).


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