Retrieval Artist series

I read the first 7 or so of the Retrieval Artist series by Kristine Kathryn Rusch this past year. I had picked up several along the way and filled in a few more with some library borrowing. Included are: The Disappeared, Extremes, Consequences, Buried Deep, Paloma, Recovery Man, and Duplicate Effort. Generally an enjoyable series. A combination of science fiction and detective genres. An off-the-book investigator in the shady world of “retrieval artist” interacts with a diverse sets of crimes and cultures. Secrets, conspiracies, politics and all sort of similar features make the stories generally work.

My only complaint (such as it is) is the limited availability of the more recent volumes in the series. I’m trying to be patient because the paperbacks are just too expensive at the moment. Ah well.


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