Two Books on the Trinity

I’m going to ramp up with some things I’ve read over the school year to fill in days I don’t finish another book.

Today I’m going to briefly mention two books about the trinity I read with and for a class.

The first is Fred Sanders’ The Deep Things of God. I and my students really liked this book. It is solid in discussing the trinity, of course. But it is also engaging and does an excellent job of connecting the trinity to evangelical life and practices. For example, he notes that a trinitarian mode of prayer, while not required, is praying “with the grain” (a great metaphor). Some lovely quotations. Here’s one: “Most evangelical Christians don’t need to be talked into the Trinitarian theory; they need to be shown that they are immersed in the trinitarian reality.” Highly recommended.

The other is Delighting in the Trinity by Michael Reeves. I liked this one too. A bit less specifically oriented toward evangelical practices and life, it still has lots of good material, including discussion of the ways the trinity specifically supports Christianity’s way of thinking about the world and God. For example, the trinity explains how God can be eternally loving, even before he creates anything. This one has some nice turns of phrases too. Here’s one: “once you puree the persons, it becomes impossible to taste the gospel.”  A different, but complementary approach to that in Sanders. Also recommended.

There are other books out there, and I’m working through some of them, but these two would be a great start for anyone.


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