I’m back – The Van Rijn Method

I’m going to try to pick up some reading and reviews of books this summer after a lengthy hiatus. We’ll see how it goes. There are easily 100 days before school starts in the fall (though it is not done quite yet), so it seems a good time to start.

I just finished The Van Rijn Method by Poul Anderson. It’s the first volume of a series reprinting stories of The Technic Civilization Saga. Enjoyable classic science fiction, with interesting characters. And some religious themes as well.

The introduction to “The Three-Cornered Wheel” highlights several universal principles (most of which are familiar). I enjoyed these a lot:

1. Parkinson’s Laws

2. Sturgeon’s Revelation (90% of everything is crud)

3. Murphy’s Law

4. The Fourth Law of Thermodynamics

The story itself deals with religion in several places (including a religious caste that resists change).

And in “The Season of Forgiveness”, Christmas and its meaning has a significant role.


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