The Evolution of Adam

Pete Enns’ challenging discussion of the Evolution/Adam question is titled The Evolution of Adam. I read it with some students for a class. A few quick thoughts:

1) Enns probably makes many of his evangelical readers uncomfortable with his handling of OT critical issues; it certainly did so for my students. I think even with a somewhat more traditional view on those matters, at least the basic point of the post-exilic canonical compilation would allow one to reach similar conclusions. But maybe not…

2) I felt really overmatched on the science questions – I just don’t know enough about some of the scientific issues (e.g., genome project stuff) to evaluate some of the claims made. So for the students I was discussing this with, we mostly bracketed the question. Let’s assume for the moment he’s right about that, what about the rest.

3) It was nice we had previously read (in the same class) several books on the New Pauline perspective issue. When Enns brought those in, it made it easier for students to prcoess.

4) It’s not hard to get most of us to agree to the basic principle about accomodation; it’s always how far this goes – and why not to go farther. Led to interesting discussions.

I wouldn’t hand this to a newbie – but for someone deeply in the scientific issues or someone interested in various options for dealing with these questions, it might be worth a judicious read.


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