Big Bam

I just finished listening the The Big Bam by Leigh Montville. I did do the abridged version, as that’s the one I ran into…Anyway, Babe Ruth is a compelling figure and there was both joy and pathos in listening. What he did was amazing (especially given the times) and yet he had large flaws too. His life ended too early (at 53, an age that is awfully significant to me this year) and somewhat sadly. One thing that was especially interesting was how there are major holes in what we know, especially about Ruth’s personal life. The “fog” Montville calls it. And he’s right. It’s a part of history in general and this provided a fine example of that element. And then there were the competing and sometimes contradictory stories at a few key points. Do you just pick the best story? Ah the joys of history.


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