The Maker of a Movement

Reading the biography of William F. Buckley: The Maker of a Movement by Lee Edwards. I always enjoyed Firing Line and the wit and verve of Buckley and this book provides a breezy and straightforward account of his life. It reminds me of why I like and should read more biographies. Lots of interesting background, including on how Buckley forged modern fusionist conservatism in America. But his humor is best. Two examples I enjoyed on just one page:

When Buckley ran for mayor of New York City (garnering an astounding 13% of the vote!), when asked what he would do if he won, responded: “Demand a recount.”

And in a debate after being asked by the moderator if he had any further comments as there was a bit of additional time, he replied: “No, I think I’ll just contemplate the great eloquence of my previous remarks.”


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