100,000 Kingdoms

Also finished N.K. Jemisin’s The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. It received a lot of accolades and a few award nominations and since I saw it, I couldn’t resist taking a quick run at it. A fairly dense mythic world – with significant religious overtones, though we don’t really learn that much about the world itself. The world is a polytheistic one, but there were spots where some Christian influence lurked in the background (e.g., there were three main gods and the rationale for that had some familiar elements). It didn’t exactly grip me and since it wrapped up the basic plot (a sequel novel will have a different focus), I expect I’ll leave this series aside. I took a glance at Amazon reviews, and though overall positive, a number of fairly negative responses also existed. I guess I’m more in the middle and it is her first novel, so perhaps there will be something more entertaining in the future.


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