Skepticism Inc.

In preparation for an apologetics class, I’m stepping outside the normal resources (last summer I read 36 Arguments for the Existence of God, which provided a similar narrative approach to the topic). Skepticism Inc. is a humorous atheistic novel. Or perhaps I should say extreme agnosticism (“Who knows?” would be the them of the book). The sensibility is Monty Python-esque. It has some funny stuff and the premise is interesting.

But there are some unrealistic elements.  Perhaps the oddest (and least realistic to me) is how the atheist “hero” becomes very wealthy and is a great philanthropist bearing witness to his atheism through his philanthropy (relief vehicles all have a “?” on them). Inasmuch as it seems evident that religious people are the main ones to provide relief in tragedy after tragedy, color me skeptical. But as the story is more farce than serious, I’ll accept that for the purpose of the story.

More seriously, the author did misrepresent the teleological argument: “the idea of God was such a sublime and majestic concept that it simply couldn’t have come from anything less sublime and majestic than God himself.” (92) This suggest bad editing and perhaps a poor understanding of the debate, which is a problem if the intention of your story is to advance a point of view.

Anyway, it gives one a different kind of insight than a straightforward textbook style.


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