Nook tools

I’m continuing trying to maximize use of my Nook. One tool I’ve been using is Calibre (pronounced “caliber”; British spelling). It allows you to manage your ebooks over various platforms. It automatically converts most formats to your desired format (it works for almost all platforms), and allows you to manage uploads and deletions. That alone makes it nice. But there is more. It has a very nice feature that can convert RSS feeds from many websites so that you can read a blog or other media in ebook format on your e-reader. On a recent trip, I read my Washington Post, National Review, The Onion, Dilbert, American Prospect and American Thinker – without an internet connection but in a fairly reasonable format. Obviously, funny things happen with pictures sometimes and other stuff can be a bit off, but mostly very workable. You can also design your own “recipes” (python scripts) to get other sources. I’d recommend it. It’s also free!


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