Scripture as Communication

One more as I try and catch up for last week’s busy schedule. While working on my hermeneutics paper, I finally got around to reading Jeannine Brown’s Scripture as Communication. One of those books I bought and hoped to get to – it’s always nice when I come up with an excuse to actually do it. Enjoyed it immensely – felt like it handled a number of problematic issues with a far greater effectiveness that some other works I consulted (e.g., the careful discussion of single meaning vs. determinate meaning). Particularly, by focusing on the communicative intent I believe there is a better balance in understanding how the text actually functions and how we should approach it. Of course, there are still issues and I probably would make a few suggestions of my own…but that’s not the point of this post!
BTW – this is another work by a former colleague (from my pt days at Bethel). That’s also a fun thing.

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