And on a more apologetic note – The Christian Agnostic

Also picked up and began reading The Christian Agnostic by Leslie P. Weatherhead. An older kind of apologetic work, but based on the intro and the first section, I’m not quite sure where it is going, but am interested. The introduction suggests it is addressed to those who are Christian but unsure about some or all of the church’s dogmatic teaching. While there is a point to be made here, I get the sense I would apply this principle more conservatively – embarrassment about the resurrection, for example, seems problematic within an orthodox framework. Still, I hope perhaps to get some ideas on strategies to engage people wrestling with these kind of doubts. And there are some good quotations at the beginning of chapters. Chapter 1, for example, includes from Margaret Chaplin Anderson’s A Wail from a Distressed Soul:

O preacher, holy man, hear my heart weeping;
I long to stand and shout my protests:
Where is your power? and where is your message?
Where is the gospel of mercy and love?
Your words are nothingness! nothingness! nothingness!
We who have come to listen are betrayed.

Servant of God, I am bitter and desolate.
What do I care for perfection of phrase?
Cursed by your humour, your poise, your diction.
See how my soul turns to ashes within me.
You who have vowed to declare your Redeemer,
Give me words that would save.


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