My Freshman Year

On a more serious note, began reading “Rebekah Nathan’s” (pseudonym) My Freshman Year. It recounts the adventures of an anthropology professor who enrolled at her college as a student, living in the dorm and the whole thing. It’s a pretty interesting perspective on higher education. As she notes, when all the rage is to become more student centered, are we even sure we understand students? I found the depiction of student life to be reasonably on target with what I see (though in a Christian context, there is less emphasis on drinking, sex, and other similar activities!). One observation is that the fragmented, choice-oriented curriculum and campus life does make it very difficult to create any type of community. She notes:

In this light, the university becomes, for individual students, an optional set of activities and a fluid set of people whose paths are ever-shifting.

Though this is less acute on my campus just due to the size, similar tendencies do seem to exist. I’m not quite sure how to respond to them.


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