God and Man by Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

This is a different one. I came across this over Christmas, picked it up today, and found myself fascinated. The book, God and Man by Anthony Bloom, late head of the Russian Orthodox Patriarchal Church in Great Britain and Ireland (quite a title, that), is called a classic book of Orthodox spirituality on the back cover. I’ll have a better opinion on that when I get a bit further, but the first section is wonderful. Titled “The Atheist and the Archbiship”, it is a transcript of a 1970 television appearance with the atheist Marghanita Laski. It’s an engaging bit of apologetics. Respectful yet pointed, emphasizing the factual nature of religious faith and emphasizing the joy and beauty at the heart of Christianity. I found it encouraging. I’m glad I took the time today for this and look forward to future sections.


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