Non-book notices

Trying to diversify, especially as I’ve been busy this week getting ready for the new semester (and getting done everything that should have been done a while ago that has to be done before the semester starts). BTW – I know I do too much parenthesis stuff – and the previous sentence is a great example!

I’ve decided to start putting up some non-book media stuff; we’re a media culture, not a book one. My focus for the blog will stay on books, but I’ve had a busy week with movies and think I’ll expand with at least some general media notes from time to time. The heavy movie load frequently happens the week before the semester as I try to cram in a few extras. Here’s this week’s collection:

Avatar – at the theater. Pocahontas on steroids, with a beautiful world and not much plot. Not a masterpiece, but effects and all were very good.

Footlight Parade – An old Busby Berkeley musical from pre-WW2. Jimmy Cagney can hoof and has amazing energy. The numbers were amazing and fantastical, the plot was frequently incoherent, and a willing suspension of disbelief was required (which is to say, it was a real musical!). I enjoyed it.

District 9 – A much more creative set of aliens and I thought more interesting characters. It doesn’t follow predictable lines and yet doesn’t make unbelievable jumps. Raises interesting moral questions.

Bride and Prejudice – A fun Bollywood musical take on the Pride and Prejudice story. Very colorful and enjoyable.


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