Circle Trilogy

I’ve never read a Ted Dekker book before, so I’ll do so this week. I picked up The Circle Trilogy: Black/Red/White in a hardcover omnibus and am going to try and tackle it. Interesting enough for the first 100 pages (only 10%, though, so I have time before having to lay out a final judgment). Having read the John Carter of Mars series when a teenager and of course, the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant series (at least the first two!), the movement between worlds motif is familiar enough, though different.


One Response to “Circle Trilogy”

  1. sandscribbler Says:

    I cheated and read the graphic novel version of books 1 through 3 of the Circle Trilogy, so I still haven’t actually read Ted Dekker. Maybe I’ll get around to reading book zero (the fourth book in the “trilogy”). The series reminds me of a young adult, contemporary version of the Chronicles of Narnia. Sort of.

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