Tuloriad – SF and the Existence of God

Just finished the latest book in John Ringo’s Posleen series, Tuloriad (military sf; this one with Tom Kratman). This one is different in scope. It has a share of military action, though with the former alien enemy now featured in a more favorable light. Most interesting is the discussion of the existence of God and religion. A major plot line is a multi-religious mission to convert an alien race. Arguments regarding the existence of God, comparative religious arguments, questions regarding pluralism, and so on all show up. The story is not an apologetic – characters, admirable one, end up with various conclusions (though the Catholics “win” by at least a small margin, if I score it correctly).

There is an appendix that discusses the role of faith and religion. It is actually relatively balanced, recognizing the existence of evidence for God, but not proof. And it takes some potshots at Hitchens’ atheistic arguments, specifically. It also includes a utilitarian affirmation of faith – it helps people and even armies (e.g., the battle of Lepanto). At the end, the authors affirm a belief in God and the foolishness of thinking unbelief is a sign of higher intelligence. An interesting read.


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