Working through Alera Codex series – 5 down!

I don’t want to imply by my postings that I read only great literature. I enjoy other kinds of literature, too. So, as confession is good for the soul (I don’t really need to confess!), I have just completed the 5th book in the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher (Princep’s Fury). It’s a multi-volume fantasy series in a world of intrigue and powers (though for the most part, not magic or spells as in more “standard ” fantasies). The story emphasizes the importance of loyalty, strategy over brute strength/power, the possibility of pursuing peace over war (while not rejecting the possibility that there may be times when there isn’t a peacable alternative). I’ve enjoyed the series to this point; the sixth volume just came out – I’ll be watching for it at the library and discount stores.


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