The Genesis Enigma – a scientific bible code?

I picked up an interesting book at the library yesterday and began working on it today. It is The Genesis Enigma by Andrew Parker. It purports to argue that Genesis is consistent with the findings of modern science (not scientific, per se, but that its sequence matches the modern evolutionary sequence).  The author was one of the creators of the “light-switch” version of evolutionary theory – that the creation of vision triggered the Cambrian big-bang explosion of life, so is well equipped to talk about the basic evolutionary theory. This is based on diffraction gratings – found both on current life forms and even some fossil species. Regarding the scientific basis for evolutionary theory, he says:

Needless to say, as a scientist I would never entertain the “seven-day” creation story, according to which the universe and all life were supposedly created literally in seven actual days, or other such irrational ideas.

He argues first for a generally reliable OT history, which is certainly a welcome viewpoint. But though it is an intriguing concept, it does seem sort of reminiscent of me of Bible code thinking – that the Bible has a hidden message that we can only now understand. I would feel far more comfortable with an argument that says the Bible was understandable in a pre-scientific way. Of course, God could have used a pre-scientific approach to language but have insured it was also consistent with later scientific knowledge (which of course He knew even in pre-scientific times). It just doesn’t seem entirely plausible to me, though I admit I could be wrong.

I guess I’ll have to read the rest of the book to see if it can persuade me!


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