ETS Roundup – “Firstfruits”

The piles keep growing – on my return from the Evangelical Theological Society conference, I piled about 30 or so new books on my table and will begin working on some of them. I’ve begun reading/reviewing Christian Worldview and the Academic Discplines (ed. Deane Downey and Stanly Porter). After a couple of introductory chapters (what is a worldview, the Christian mind, the Christan university), there are 26 essays about particular academic disciplines and how one’s faith might integrate with it. It’s broader than Shaping a Christian Worldview, which I have been using for a textbook and would be a better reference, I think. I’ll be comparing essays over the next few days since I have to make a decision by next week. But since this is one of my favorite topics, it’s not too painful!


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