Reflections at a sort of midpoint

I’m about half way through the books and more than half way through the summer. It’s been hard to keep up – with company and other distractions. But I’m enjoying nontheless – I’m learning new stuff and am finding some new ways to approach some things. And there is the fun and overlap between different books – some connections you would never anticipate.

The other thing that is annoying is that despite this push to read a lot of books, my pile of books to read keeps growing. That’s life, I guess. But it is humbling to realize how much there is to read and learn. I see wonderful biographies and histories, cultural analysis, and more – that I can’t get to. I might post of list of books I didn’t get around to reading at some point. That might be interesting.

But there is still joy in reading. So I say: Tolle Lege!


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