Arise from Darkness (45)

I’m also reading Benedict Groeschel’s Arise from Darkness: What to Do When Life Doesn’t Make Sense. Though a Catholic author, the book includes recommendations from Peter Kreeft (OK, I know he’s Catholic too, but he’s a pretty good one) and from J.I. Packer. It’s a more pastoral set of reflections on the problem of evil. He calls the book a “guide”, not an answer, as perhaps there is no answer. The Christian response begins with the cross and must confront the great lie – that people have a good chance of living life without suffering, pain and loss (this was one of the topics of Power Failure).

The topics addressed are very real. For example, the first chapter is When Friends Fail – an experience known by Jesus as well. He also turns it around to ask if the reader has failed a friend (as most of us have). We can respond to these failures by knowing 1) they are only temporary and 2) we follow Christ’s example by forgiving those who fail us. I like his comment on having failed many friends, when he is failed, he says “Well, this is some penance for my own failures.” And, he encourages at the end to trust in a changeless friend.

Other topics include When Our Security is Threatened, When the Church Lets us Down, When We are our Own Worst Enemies, When Death Robs Us, and What Do We Do When Everything Falls Apart? Sounds like the real world.


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