Tuesday Murder Club (41)

Another audio book; mostly done (bad last tape). Agatha Christie’s Tuesday Murder Club, a series of short vignettes starring Miss Marple. She’s an interesting character and her insight into human nature is fairly profound. People are the same everywhere, so what she learned about people from detail observation in Saint Mary Mead (her village) gives her insight into all sorts of crimes and “big city” activities. She also is very convinced of the reality of evil and that some people are wicked; I think her anthropology is not too bad (she has spoken of Sunday School, so obviously has some church connection – I can’t recall exactly what). I actually figured out one of the mysteries and had at least one other partially figured. Sometimes, however, the clues are too obscure (e.g., a day the gardener would be on vacation and an idiomatic description of sprinkles to be put on a pudding).


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