Finally Feminist (43)

A final update on this holiday weekend. I’ve been reading Finally Feminist by John Stackhouse in my brief office interludes (very brief in the summer, I assure you). Another take on the gender question which tries to argue (in some ways parallel to Bill Webb’s Slaves, Women & Homosexuals) that though the ideal is egalitarian, there is a pragmatic accomodation to various forms of patriarchal cultures in the Bible and even (appropriately) in history up to the present. In some cultures, such as ours, those pragmatic considerations no longer apply for the most part, so in an American context he would be egalitarian, but would accept the need for non-egalitarian realities in many places.

Probably the best thing about the book is hs very clear explanation in an introductory part of the book of how theology works. It is an attempt to provide the best overall explanation for the data of all sorts and can either be developed inductively or can be worked out from a broader theory as a starting point (as its in my office, my wording may not be quite right, but that’s the basic point). A decent and irenic contribution to the discussion.


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