The Mysterious Benedict Society (30)

Picked up and ended reading almost straight through this, another juvenile oreinted adventure story. The Mysterious Benedict Society is a story of a team of four children of various skills and abilities who together save the world from an evil mastermind. It has some interesting thems about media and the vapidity of slogans (here and there some echoes of 1984 and abuse of language). I think it has interesting variety that would enable most children to enjoy it. It’s a series (book three comes this fall, I guess) – and was in my opinion as entertaining as Harry Potter (but without the magic for those who prefer something a bit more grounded in the real world). It perhaps had a clearer moral center than the Potter books (I could put in a spoiler here but am resisting the temptation). On the other hand, the ending was a bit more straightforward than at least in the later Potter books. I’d give it a thumbs up (as do most of the Amazon reviewers, for what that’s worth!).

Now I have to stay away from kids books for at least a while…


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