Harry Potter week? 23-27!

I’ve been buried in Harry Potter this week, reading books 3 through 7. They get longer, so it is taking a bit longer than the first couple. But not bad. I’m sure there are better things, but I’ll be on task until I complete it. It’s that sort of obsessive thing that happens sometimes. Harry is an interesting chap; the stories have that modern sensibility where Harry is pretty free with rejecting authority. Some of it is perhaps normal, but it is perhaps a bit subversive in that regard.

Been a busy week buying, listing, and packing books. Plus a few other things along the way. I managed to finish Battlestar Galactica season 2 and am on Inspector Lynley series #5 and my wife and are are 2 episodes into John Adams (a lot of this I watch while working on other stuff, so I’m not totally vegging out). And we had a couple of days of such crappy internet that though I thought of dropping a post, it just wasn’t practical. I’ll try to catch up with some posts over the next day or two.


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