Everyday Epiphanies (18)

I’m reading a charming book by Melannie Svoboda, Everyday Epiphanies: Seeing the Sacred in Every Thing. It’s a devotional of sorts, by a Catholic author. It’s mostly brief reflections on some everyday occurance and how it can be a vehicle for deeper spiritual insight. They’re short, and obviously not all knock you over, but I’ve found some good insights. A few examples (I’ve just finished the summer section; the book is divided into 4 seasons with a total of about 175 selections):

  • A list of things not in heaven, including: locks, handcuffs, scales, aspirin… (but I’m not as sure as she is about clocks!)
  • Reflecting on how Emily Dickinson was a near recluse, never travelling much, a reminder that even when we don’t get to live broadly, we can live deeply
  • The scientist who loves hyenas – reminding us that a prerequisite to love is knowing someone
  • Reflections on the relationship between faith and humor
  • and so on…

And not a bad model for trying to think about how faith interacts with all of life.


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