Weekend Fiction (16-17)

Been a busy weekend, with an all-day wedding trip on Saturday and a church launch service today. So, I’ve focused only on some fiction.

I’ve been reading Voices of Hope by David Feintuch (part of his Seafort Saga). I’ve read others in the series, but this one is new. Has some interesting social theorizing (about discipline and freedom and the balance between them) and has a consistent religious dimension (a unified religion set in the future). What I like is the interesting character development. The main character, Nicholas Seafort, holds himself to high standards (probably impossible ones), tries to maintain an absolute moral compass and acts in ways that sometimes brings harm to others he cares about under his leadership (he’s in the military). His rectitude is praiseworthy and ends up being a means of redeeming others from bad life paths, yet he refuses to forgive himself. Doing the right thing leads to political failure, and he refuses to spin. This makes him admirable, but means his stint as a politician was (at least in many senses) a failure. Conflicted, yet admirable; he has a good Catholic sense of guilt (or maybe it’s an overly robust Calvinist doctrine of depravity). ¬†There is a certain dystopic sense of the future present as well; I’d be interested to learn more about the author’s view of life, religion and all.

Second, working on Harry Potter 2. I had seen a couple of the movies, and find the differences with the books early on to be interesting. Particularly a more robust portrait of the muggle family and all. Not sure how far I’ll make it on the series, but a ways, anyway.

That’s all for now – a less crowded week awaits.


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