Rescuing Sprite – reading in line on Memorial Day…

Yesterday, while shopping at one of the local thrift store holiday sales, I had a bit of a wait (the line was over 1/2 hour; I know, I was crazy to stand in line that long). But while I did, I pulled a book out of my basket and read most of Rescuing Sprite: A Dog Lover’s Story of Joy and Anguish by Mark Levin. Levin is a legal commentator and radio host (of the right wing variety), but this book has nothing to do with politics. It is the story of an adopted dog, of sickness and loyalty, of love of pet and all that. It almost made me want to own a dog – but not quite. I was reminded as I read it of Peter Kreeft’s observation that pets (like all things in this life) either mediate God’s love or distract us from it. This story is more a story of mediation and for dog lover’s, a fine read. I think for me, the dog book genre will be exhausted for a long while…


2 Responses to “Rescuing Sprite – reading in line on Memorial Day…”

  1. leila Says:

    sanders, i was there too. i stood in line for quite a bit. worth it for the deals though. 🙂

  2. carl3 Says:

    What does my mother think of this newly found quasi-desire to get a dog? Is she going to be loading you up with sympathetic books about horses now?

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