The first full day update – Jack Campbell: Lost Fleet (Books 1-4)

It’s my birthday and yesterday was somewhat occupied with graduation and all. So, I’ve been working on fun stuff – I promise some more challenging (and maybe interesting) things later. But I want to start a regular pattern of posts, so I’m doing this. I’m working through the Jack Campbell Lost Fleet series (Dauntless, Fearless, Courageous, Valiant). I’m mostly looking for diversion and fun as the summer starts; the serious stuff comes later. The new one in the series (Relentless) just came out and I’ve put in a hold at the library. But for the moment, enjoying space battles, intrigue and questions about honor, power, duty, etc. It’s supposed to be Hornblower-esque (I’m thinking of reading some Hornblower this summer so I’ll be able to speak more firsthand about the comparison). Almost done, so I’ll have 4 under my belt and it’s only day 1!


One Response to “The first full day update – Jack Campbell: Lost Fleet (Books 1-4)”

  1. leila Says:

    hey sanders, read the hornblower. i loved the a&e series. let me know how the books are šŸ˜‰

    sorry, i just cannot compete with you and your reading skills. however, i will read a lot myself. and i might blog about it sometime.

    hope you had a great b-day dinner with layne and his wife!


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